Take your efficiency to new heights with drone solutions

MĀRS INTELLIGENCE and DJI, the leading producer of camera drones and stabilisers, advise you on the most suitable equipment you can purchase to meet your needs.

DJI’s drones enable businesses to gain great advantages

Train people

Intelligent tools enable teams to develop functions with more capabilities

Reduced risk

Staff are more protected while the project can move faster

Digitisation of work

Capture reality, obtain information and make decisions in real time at any time

Drone solutions applied to different sectors

Public safety

Public safety

Satisfies needs with accurate and timely aerial information. Pilots get constant and immediate information to effectively direct personnel and ensure safety and security.



Visualise your remote resources in real time for improved safety and rapid decision making.



Enables you to track construction sites by monitoring their progress and improve project management by minimising risk and obtaining data quickly, accurately and efficiently.



Visualises assets in various formats to track operations and to identify and prevent potential problems before they occur.

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