The security managers, integrated in MARS and in accordance with their competencies, provide a comprehensive security consultancy service, adapted to the client’s needs.

Specific security services, in compliance with current regulations, are provided by security companies and their staff. At MĀRS RISK MANAGERS we have first class collaborating companies, selected for their experience and professionalism.

The aim of this union is to optimise resources, strengthen prevention and increase protection against threats affecting our clients’ assets, ensuring their peace of mind and well-being.


From the experience accumulated by the members of our team, who have worked in the fight against different types of crime, they have the ability to identify the main threats to the client, both at corporate and individual level.

We have the best suppliers of services, systems and measures to carry out a substantial improvement in the integral security of a home, following a criterion of cost adequacy and efficiency.

Once the characteristics and weaknesses of the property, the systems installed, the customer profile and their risks have been individually analysed, a report is drawn up detailing the vulnerabilities. This report includes proposals for systems, measures and internal action protocols that contribute to reducing risk levels (Home Risk Management).


Training is provided, both to the client and to the people around them, through simulations of risk situations and critical scenarios, in a controlled and constructive manner.

Based on the experience of our team in multiple real operations, we put into practice the most common observations, movements and executions carried out by criminal groups, obtaining optimal training for our clients and assimilating the established protocols to be able to react effectively to potential future real threats and minimise the risk.



  • Security department outsourcing.
  • Security consultants
  • Security planning
  • Incident response
  • Crisis office
  • Personalised service
  • Training
  • Meetings, contacts and visits
  • Communications protection
  • Digital protection
  • Security countermeasures
  • Displacements


  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Creation of action protocols
  • Consultancy
  • Design of security systems and measures
  • Selection and training of service personnel
  • Access control and monitoring
  • CRA management
  • Intrusion testing


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