We monitor public and private information sources using OSINT and HUMINT techniques in order to prevent physical and digital threats that could affect the client or the continuity of their business or interests.

We obtain and process data and information to help our clients and contribute to strategic and operational decision-making. We have the right technology and intelligence software to locate, gather and analyse all available information. Identify leaked data or files, locate detractors of your brands or alert of the possible commission of a cyber attack.


  • Has my smartphone, computer or email been hacked?
  • Can I use a WhatsApp conversation as legal evidence?
  • Can I find out who is leaking information in my company?
  • Monitoring of VIPs and critical personnel of an organisation.
  • Analysis of possible online fraud.
  • Identity theft
  • Theft of a password or social network profile
  • Can I obtain information about a person of interest?
  • Have spying devices been installed on me?
We work with 4 key points:


Analizamos la estructura de seguridad de la infraestructura IT.


Fortificación de la estructura IT del cliente.


Análisis forense de los diferentes dispositivos para la obtención de la información.


Recogemos y analizamos datos con el objetivo de generar información de valor.


In the case of corporations, we offer training courses to improve the capabilities of the human team of the company or institution in the field of security, both in the private and public security.

In these areas, MĀRS INTELLIGENCE offers training courses adapted to the needs and requirements of the client, adapting the contents to their specific threats and knowledge on the field.


We use state-of-the-art technology, together with our own methodology, to locate all types of active or passive spying devices used to collect or transmit illicit information (microphones, hidden cameras, etc.).



  • Hacking
  • Terminal protection
  • Network and structural protection
  • Immediate response to incidents
  • Cyber intelligence
  • Training


  • Crisis management
  • Intelligence reporting
  • Bussinnes intelligence
  • OSINT investigations
  • HUMINT investigations


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