MĀRS DRONE is a drone operator certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). MĀRS pilots are certified in all modalities and with proven experience in different operations at national and international level.

MĀRS is a leader in innovative solutions, systems integration and unmanned aerial flight services for public and private security.

Our team has proven experience as police commanders in different special units at the criminal level and in police drone units, which provides us with an optimal vision to advise, coordinate and operate in different scenarios offering an efficient and effective result with UAS.


  • Support to emergency units and FSC
  • Operational security planning support
  • Deterrent effect
  • Verification of alarms or incidents
  • Control rounds
  • Apoyo unidades de emergencias y FCS
  • Apoyo planificación operativo de seguridad
  • Efecto disuasorio
  • Comprobación alarmas o incidencias
  • Rondas de control


We offer a special course for expert pilots in security and emergencies MPSE (Mārs Pilot Security and Emergency) taught by professionals in the public and private security sector, drone pilots with experience in flights with critical conditions.

Students are presented with real scenarios in both security and emergencies, where they will have to put into practice all the training previously given by the teachers.

We train the new generation of pilots in different specialities.


  • Support service for private security companies
  • Support service for Security Forces and Corps
  • Security in homes and housing estates
  • Security at events and shows
  • Security in infrastructures
  • Sale of drones adapted to the customer’s real needs


You can contact us by filling in this form. You can also call us on 682344231 or 660733879 or send us a message via WhatsApp: