• We analyse your risks, look after your peace of mind and protect your interests

  • We have the capacity to respond immediately to incidents or threats

  • We offer effective and innovative solutions for public and private security

    MĀRS INTELLIGENCE is a security consultancy,
    drone service and cybersecurity.

    What can we do for you?



    We optimise resources, boost prevention and increase the protection of our clients' assets in the face of the different threats to which they are exposed.



    Proven experience in the application of drones in different scenarios. With the capacity to offer advice on acquisition, training and operations in the field of public and private security.

    Who we are

    MĀRS INTELLIGENCE is made up of qualified professionals from different fields. They include lawyers, criminologists, security managers and cybersecurity experts. As founders, two police commanders on leave of absence with proven experience in different operational and investigative units.

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